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Real-time bidding

How Does RTB work? And What Is In It for Me?

Let’s take a look from the publishers’ point of view.  A publisher sends available advertising inventory to an Ad Exchange or Supply Side Platform (SSP) who sell it on the publisher’s behalf. Once the ad impression becomes available, the Ad Exchange or SSP places it into an auction where Demand Side Platforms (DSP) or Trading Desks can bid on it.  The bidding process enables publishers to earn the highest rate possible on the real-time marketplace. The process also  benefits the ad buyer, who knows they have paid for the real value of every impression they buy.

Once the auction process is complete and the impression has been “won”, the successful buyer will deliver an ad on the publisher’s website.  This entire process occurs automatically and in roughly 1/6th of a second.



Web Content Publishers

  • RTB delivers the highest possible revenues on remnant inventory by subjecting each impression to market demand
  • Enables publishers to fill 100% of their available ad inventory with paying ads
  • Reduces the amount of supplier relationships publishers require in order to monetize their ad inventory

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  • Most cost effective reach and frequency
  • Industry best targeting and optimization capabilities
  • Maximum value for the dollar through elimination of wasted ad impressions

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  • Maximum control over campaign performance
  • Better performance for clients through cost efficiency and optimization capabilities
  • Private Exchange capabilities, access to premium Inventory and transparency

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Real-time bidding creates real benefits for both buyers and sellers of online display advertising – are you getting the RTB advantage?